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Wishin on a Ride

My week started out badly! It was so bad , it began last week that’s how bad this week is.
On my way home from my last run (work run, not fun run) my truck broke down on Friday, about two hours from the yard. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, trucks break down. The thing is I just got it back from the shop and they had it for three weeks and it’s the same problem.
Usually, on a good week I get home Thursday night and get back on the road early, butt crack of dawn early, Sunday morning.
The weekend before I took Sunday off because my beautiful niece graduated from Cal Poly.  So I started the run on Monday, there fore I was hauling ass to get home on Friday.

Just over Donner Summit CA, I blew a cylinder and had to call for a hook (trucker slang for a tow truck). I’m not sure if its the same cylinder, but I am sure it’s a cylinder that blew this time as well. So this is why I am having a crap week this week.
In long haul, your weeks are tied together with your log books and each week affects the next.
With the break down I knew I had to get a rental. The rental I ended up with is a total PILE. It took me three hours to clean it and I insisted on them providing a new mattress before I would accept it.
Have I ever mentioned, I’m not a typical Truck Driver??
I’m a neat freak, I have a “no shoe” rule in my truck, I’m a non-smoker, I shower daily and I have all my teeth.
No offense truckers!
In the middle of cleaning and disinfecting the truck, while running it for the air conditioner and On my hundredth trip to the trash can with the last persons left behind half eaten food containers, I noticed fluid under the truck.
All I was thinking was you have got to be F-ing kidding me, I just spent three hours cleaning this truck and they’re going to put me in another truck when this one has been detailed.

I think I almost cried! Then I heard Tom Hanks voice and it said “There’s no crying in Truck Driving!”. So I pulled my big girl panties up and I yelled at the mechanic.

I finally got on the road at 4:30 pm on Monday to start the longest run our company has, Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

My first drop is in Kelowna,  BC, Canada. Usually, when I go to Alberta, it’s Calgary and all the drops are Calgary on the same day.    With this run, the drops have several hundred miles between each drop. Which is great for my pocket book, but sucks when you’re driving a PILE.

This is compounded with hundreds of bikes on the road (Lucky Bastards, I’m so jealous).

The scenery is absolutely breath taking! It reminds me of Hawaii, the dark lush vegetation and steep jagged mountains.
I so wish I was Riding my Jewel on this run.


Enjoy the Ride




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