Wish Ranch Grudge

I am happy to announce the empty space where Scarlet resided has been fiilled, with a 2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide, Purple with Flames.547493548655078

Last week I was trying to come up with a name for her, even before we picked her up from our friends house. I was originally thinking Violet or Purple Hooter, but it seemed to missing something special.  My husband and I were having dinner with Sissy and her husband Kenny Kenny (yes, the repeat of his name was on purpose, his nick name from Monsters Inc.) We had talked about it briefly, but nothing came out of the discussion. I was pooped from going out (hoping my stamina will improve soon) so I hit the hay as soon as my husband’s chariot delivered me home. Riding bitch was more tiring then I expected, even if its like sitting in a barker lounger.


The next morning, I woke up to a text from Sissy, in her infament wisdom, she came up with “Jewel”. I love it, it’s perfect! Why is this name so perfect? To me it has duel meaning,

First, the purple on this 2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide is a deep royal purple. Similar to a piece of jewelry. Second, my mama’s name is Jewel, named after a ring my grandpa found. Sissy then had to really make it special by saying, “I was thinking with it being mama’s name sake, she would watch over you”. Of coarse, this made me cry and I realized I must have scared Sissy a great deal when I had my accident.

Saturday night was the big night. My husband and I met our friends (John and Cathy) at their house to pick her up. I think there is something seriously wrong when someone else is driving your new bike before you. What can a girl do, still mending and hubby insisted. I hate when he is right, by the time we got Jewel home I was thrashed and I was driving the cowboy Cadillac. One beer, resting in the Grudge and off to bed to re-coop. 


Sunday morning I was rested and ready to do my second favorite thing to do involving motorcycles. I love to tinker on my bike or just hang out in the Grudge (Grudge, comes from a red neck joke, which is politically incorrect so we will not be sharing that one). I washed and waxed Jewel and then installed my docking kit I salvaged from Scarlet. I was pooped again, So I enjoyed a beer, resting while my husband washed his bike.

photo 2-2photo 1-2


After resting, my husband took me for a spin on my bike. I have to say riding bitch on this bike is no where near as comfortable as being packed on my husband’s 2012 Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra.  My goal for the ride destination was to go to Sissy’ s to show them my new ride. As per usual I bit off more then I can chew. I couldn’t believe the position I put myself in, It was a combination of ecstasy and pain, I love to ride but I was in a lot of pain.. At the time I thought I was a knuckle head but after I was rested I was thrilled for getting to ride her even if it was bitch.

I won’t be able to ride her for another month or so, but I am happy to be able to tinker in the Grudge.

photo 3

Violet or Purple Hooter

Almost four weeks ago I was in an accident which totaled my 2010 Street Glide, “Scarlet”. Kind of silly naming a motorcycle but it’s all in fun. I was quite upset with the insurance company for totaling her, but seems it will work out for the better. A friend of mine saw the post about the accident and Scarlet on Facebook and offered to sell me her bike. This is the bike of my dreams, it’s a 2012 Street Glide, custom paint, Purple with flames. When I bought my first Harley, I almost bought this exact bike.

While I was at Harley Davidson looking at the Purple with flames Street Glide, I went to sit on it and who ever sat on it before didn’t put the jiffy stand down all the way. When I went to straddle it it started to tip over. Mind you, there was a very long row of brand new Street Glides. I panicked, I could just see all those beautiful bikes going down like a row of dominos. I wrenched my stomach muscle keeping it from falling over.  At the time I thought the Street Glide was too big for me. After going back and forth several times, I went back to purchase it, but it was gone.


I settled on a gorgeous Road King Classic I found, but for months I kicked myself for settling. I allowed myself to be swayed by the incident and an article I read about “Women buying bikes too big for them, to be aware”. My husband pointed out the obvious, if I was able to save the bike from falling over in mid fall, then the bike wasn’t too big. I found Scarlet a few months later and traded the Road King in for her. I was happy as a clam, she was a great bike. She handled incredibly well for a big bike, actually for any size bike.


My friends bike is “Scarlet”, but even better. Better brakes, better engine, less miles, better exhaust with Tru Duels from Rinehart and best of all, more bling.

The only thing I’m having trouble with is the name. I know, I know, it’s kind of silly but it’s fun. My husband came up with “Purple Hooter”, I like it but it’s a little long. I was thinking more of  a single word name, like “Violet”. The thing is, it’s, I don’t know, it’s, kind of a sissy name for such a bad ads bike.


What do you think?   Violet?   Or   Purple Hooter?

Life Long Riding

Motorcycle riding has been in our family since the 1940’s. My dad was born in 1930 and his first motorized bike was when he was twelve years old. I call it a motorized bike, because that is exactly what it was. Dad and his cousin slapped a motor on a bicycle. My dad was poorer then dirt, growing up in Central California working in the fields. The fields is where my dad’s side of the family met my mom’s side of the family. My mom was twelve when her and her family moved to California from Oklahoma to work in the cotton fields.

Scan 133080043-1Scan 133080046-1

My mom’s dad was the camp boss, back then it was a very important position. Dad used to say mom was just a scrawny little kid when he first met her. Soon after the two families met, dad was eighteen and enlisted in the Navy for six years. About ten months before dad was to get out of the Navy, he was back stateside on leave, he met mom again. Now mom was eighteen and they were head over hills for each other. My dad’s sister, Aunt Jenny played matchmaker and two weeks later they were married.

Dad had to head back to San Diego to finish up with the Navy. On weekends dad would hitchhike home to see mom. Nine months later my oldest brother Ricky was born.

The first real motorcycle my dad had was an Indian, at the time Indian’s were his favorite. He used to rebuild Indian’s as a hobby/necessity in my mom’s kitchen. When my brother was six months old, dad put a pillow on the gas tank and took Ricky for his first ride. Ricky is now fifty-nine years old and is still riding. 

Scan 133080027-3Scan 133080027-1

Ricky's Shovel Head
Ricky’s Shovel Head

Thirteen years later I came into the picture, the baby of four. There was a long period of time when dad did’t have a ride, but my brother kept the tradition going.

When I was eight years old, dad brought home a little Honda 125. It was “The Family Bike”, but really it was my sister’s and my dad’s bike. I still remember the hissy fit I threw when I didn’t get to ride it. During the sobbing and blubbering my dad said to me I could ride it when I was big enough to touch the ground. By  the time I was nine, dad was giving me lesson’s. My sister is six years older then I am and I always have looked up to her, I wanted to ride like she did. Every where she rode the little Honda 125, she rode it like she stole it. By the time I turned twelve, my sister and I wore the Honda out. Dad then brought home a  Kawasaki 400, I loved this bike.

Kawasaki 400
Kawasaki 400

Dad and I would trade off on who was packing who. Dad would get a kick out of seeing the reactions of people, when we would ride up and his skinny twelve year old daughter was packing her dad.

In the eighties, dad moved up to a full dresser, I think this was his favorite bike. One summer, mom and dad took an extended vacation on the bike, touring seven western states. All the while camping out, mom was a stud. I can ride the hell out of a bike, but at the end of the day, I want a least a no-tell hotel.  

Mom touring 7 Western states.
Mom touring 7 Western states.

The four of us kids have grown up riding, and three of us are still actively riding. We are all very lucky to have met and fallen in love with spouses who have also grew up riding.

We all love riding together: My brother, “Rick” on his Road King, My sister in law, “Yaya” on her V-star, My sister, “Sheryl” on her Dyna Low, My brother in law, “Ken” on his Heritage, My brother and sister in law, “Kelly” and “Amy” on their Kawasaki, My husband, “Andy” and son “Aj” on his Road Glide and me, “Bell” on my Street Glide.


for giving us the love of the open road and the wind in our face.

Bells Rides