“No Brainer” Anti-Theft Precautions

“No Brainer”
Anti-Theft Precautions

We all know our pretty shiny bikes will catch the eye of other bike enthusiast. That is why we wash, wax and polish the chrome before a ride, right?
Unfortunately, as we are showing off our ride to other bike enthusiasts, we are also showing off our ride to the potential bad guys too.
Being married to a Law Enforcement Officer I have heard some of the stories of what the bad guys are willing to go through to steal your ride. Which have made me cautious  and maybe a little paranoid when it comes to protecting my ride from theft.
I don’t want the potential theft of my ride to hamper the enjoyment of riding or of my travels so we take “No Brainer” Anti-Theft Precautions.
The first “No Brainer” precaution is to lock the fork lock, taking this simple step and making it part of your routine can save you thousands in headache and heartache. 

When visiting a restaurant or bar we always try to park in front of the entrance, so even if we can’t see our bikes from where we are seated, it is highly visible from other patrons or employees of the restaurant/bar. If front row parking isn’t available as in most cases, and we have to park in a parking lot, we park under a light. When we are traveling extensively we book our hotels with bike friendly hotels with parking in front of our rooms. We also cluster park when we are in a group, so if one of the bikes doesn’t have an alarm system, we park the bikes with alarms behind it.

There are times when you just can’t park where you can keep an eye on your ride,  which brings me back to ALARM SYSTEMS. We have had alarm systems on all our bikes. All of our bikes have had stock alarm systems, the latest bike came with Harley Davidson alarm system and we upgraded it with pager to alert us if the alarm goes off.
There are several aftermarket alarm systems available that are either hardwired or Plug & Play.
Some alarm systems have Text, GPS locating capabilities, and there are even alarm systems with perimeter capabilities. With the perimeter alarm model, you can program it for a set distance and should someone get too close the alarm will sound.

There are less complicated anti-theft devices that simply work because most bad guys are lazy and will move on to an easier target. Such as a cable and lock, or a less intrusive anti-theft device is hub locks with tilt sensors built-in which sounds an ear-piercing alarm when the bike is stood up off its stand. This type of anti-theft device are fairly inexpensive, easy to use, with no hard wire and are small enough to carry in your saddlebag.

With any of these anti-theft devices it is only effective if it is put into use. That being said if your alarm goes off, check on your bike. We have all heard alarms going off and the owner never shows up to check on their ride. 
Last “No Brainer”, is INSURANCE….
One can put into action all the anti-theft precautions but all it takes is that one bad guy who is good at stealing bikes.
My brother had his and his wife’s bikes in an enclosed trailer hooked to his truck with a hitch lock. The bad guy in this case stole the trailer and the bikes.
As with most people my brother didn’t know the difference between ACV (Actual Cash Value) and RCV (Replacement Cash Value). They had ACV coverage, so they received pennies on the dollar for the theft of their bikes and trailer.

For me, I like to take several precautionary steps.
1.) Alarm system with pager notification and GPS locating (Lord help the bad guy if I find them before the cops do).
2.) Hub locks
3.) Safe parking location
4.) RCV (Replacement Cash Value) insurance policy.

Ride safe
Keep the ridea sa few


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We are back… 

It’s been a long time since I have published my thoughts or stories.

 Just a little recap of where I have been and what kind of trouble I have been into. As you can see, I still like to monkey around but sadly not much trouble these days.

I have been working just too much, traveling all over the western United States and Canada to have the TROUBLE kind of fun.

Last year (Dec 2015) my company “Truck Accessories Group”  got all of the drivers new trucks and so far my little road partner “Roo” and I have put on over 200,000 miles.  I now have a dedicated run to Edmonton, AB, CA. Delivering Leer Canopies and Truck Accessories.  With the occasional fun run,  like the one I am currently on to Elkhart, IN. 

With all this work and travels, I have still managed to get some rides in, which I will share in the not too distant future.

On the bike front, I’m still riding bitch on the beauty above.  Not to worry, I have my eye on a mini-me of “Big Blue” (yes, I name all of our bikes), just slightly newer. I will also install a quick disconnect for the trunk and change out the seat to a one up for a sleeker, sexier look.

Also, I have completely given myself a nutritional overhaul.

For the last three and a half years I have been following a Ketogenic lifestyle. Yeah I know, I don’t really like the term “lifestyle” when describing your nutritional habits, but here I am using it just the same. And really its the best term for it and how I go about it.

I’m an all in, jump head long into it, kind of person.

When I shared with you the details of wrecking “Scarlett” and published the photo’s of the black and blue bruises, the thing that kept coming back to me when I looked at the photo’s wasn’t the bruises, or how jacked internally my body was, it was how FAT I was (along with some other motivators, which will be in a story called “My Journey” I will publish very soon).  

So, I made some minor changes to my food and the weight came off and I was back to my fighting weight. Then I found out what I was doing actually had a name, Ketogenics. This is where I’m all in, jump head long into it, slightly obsessive…

I have researched Ketogenics from all kinds of resources from the simple DIY informational blogs, vlogs and YouTube’s, to Medical Doctors and PhD Professor/ researchers. It all boils down to this, the fuel you put into your body is as important as the air you breathe. 

During this time of research and transforming my body not just how it looks but how it functions, I have had to be creative to follow this (here comes again) “LIFESTYLE”          Traveling by Motorcycle, RV and Big Rig.   Keto On The Go

I have some great rides, runs and Keto tips I will be sharing very soon.

It’s good to be back……                             










Straight From The Horses Mouth

My story of my visit to the local Indian Shop “C &E Auburn”  (Indian’s) needs to be revised. After I shared the story with Emma (the E of C & E Auburn).  Emma corrected a piece of information I had got from a trusted source, who is a long time member of the motorcycle industry. I apologize to C & E Auburn and to you for printing incorrect information.

You probably are wondering “What’s The Big Deal?” You may be right, it might not be a big deal, but this is how rumors continue to circulate.

So, out of respect of some really cool people, I am correcting what I wrote. I had written “Harley Davidson had pulled the dealership”.  Basically, the correction is their Harley Davidson Shop simply burned to the ground. With the great attitude Emma has, she has said to me in an email  “In hind site it was a blessing” , The Indian Motorcycle, The styling, The performance, The entire bike is a Functional piece of art”.  

Again, you may think what’s the big deal?  To me, if it’s just me telling my story of a ride and my experience or impression of the ride, that is one thing, Its my opinion, nothing more. Information which stated as a fact which turned out to be incorrect is another story all together, and I apologize..    


In my family we believe, “A  family who Rides together, Stays together”. I have talked about my dad in the past, so some of you are familiar to how I got into riding at the age of 9 years old. The story go’s farther back then just myself, I am the youngest of four kids.

My dad gave my oldest brother (Ricky) his first ride at 6 months old on the tank of his Indian. Ricky will be turning 60 September 19th and he has been riding from the first moment my dad put a pillow on the gas tank and rode him around the yard.

I’m 14 years younger than my brother, so I’m repeating stories I have heard all my life. When my brother was a little older, a ripe old age of 2 years old, Mom, Dad and Ricky lived in Tehachapi, CA. My dad would put Ricky in front of him on the Indian and ride him up and down the sand dunes, giggling all the while saying “Do it again daddy, Do it again”. Now a days my parents would probably be turned into CPS.

We all have our favorite bikes!

My brother “Ricky” rides a Harley Davidson Road King, his wife “Yaya” ride a Yamaha V-Star but she really wants an Indian. My sister “Sissy” rides a Dyna Low, her husband Kenny Kenny rides a Heritage Classic, my husband’s sister Amy and her husband Kelly rides a Kawasaki Concours, my husband, Andy rides a Road Glide Ultra and I ride “Jewel” a Street Glide.   

We tend to make excuses to Ride.

Excuse number one, Yaya really wants to get an Indian.
Ricky and I were making plans for him to pick up a gun I gave him for his 60th birthday. He said he and Yaya were going for a little ride to check out the new Indians in Auburn, CA. That was their excuse for a ride and I just jumped on the band wagon and made it my excuse too. I told him to swing by the ranch to pick up the gun and Andy and I will tag along on the ride.

We headed north on HWY 49 through the canyon to Auburn, CA. The new local Indian dealer is the old Auburn HD shop. After a fire a few years back Harley Davidson pulled the dealership from C&E Auburn. C&E have been in the bike business for about a hundred years and really know how to treat their customers. So, as much as I love Harley Davidson I thought this really sucked.. Now C&E Auburn have a new chapter to add to their story, the Iconic Indians.

The whole purpose (excuse) to ride to C&E Auburn was for my sister-in-law “Yaya” to test drive the Indian. Yaya has wanted an Indian as long as I have known her, (way back when dirt was still young). When we got to C&E Auburn, we all were climbing all over the bikes. They are just gorgeous! Unfortunately, Yaya is vertically challenged at a 5 foot nothing, she couldn’t touch the ground with both feet. Not a big deal for a dirt bike, but a bike weighing in over 700 pounds, its best to touch on both sides. So, my husband and I took a couple different models out for a test drive. Andy started out on the Chieftain and I started out on the Chief, half way through the test drive we switched.

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I personally like the Chief better, it handled very similar to my old Road King Custom. It was very agile and sporty. The Chieftain felt heavier in the front end and not as agile.

The Chief would make the founders incredibly proud, the designers of the new version nailed the classic beauty of the 1948 Chief. Both models we test drove are powered with the Thunder Stroke 111, it’s very responsive and very fast. Although my favorite of the two bikes we test drove was the Chief, both bikes were incredibly FUN to ride.

When Andy and I returned from the test drive, Yaya and the sales man were changing out the seat and discussing how they can lower the bike to fit Yaya. Of course this made Yaya very happy and she is now working on the financial end to make the purchase.  

C&E is one of the best Motorcycle dealers in the Northern California area, I highly recommend checking out  C&E Auburn for your next Indian purchase. C&E Auburn is located at 12015 Shale Ridge Lane, Auburn CA 95602. Ask for Emma she is the “E” of C&E Auburn and one of the nicest ladies in the industry.

Easter Family Ride

 As you may know, our family has our very own camp counselor, my brother in law, Kenny Kenny.

Kenny Kenny read about the Los Angeles Crest Highway, aka HWY 2 in the Hog Magazine. He was intrigued by the possibilities of some good twisties. He set out to design our route to get us to the most southern end of      HWY 2.


On this ride we only had four bikes and five riders. We drug our thirteen year old son “AJ” along on Andy’s bike. I choose to believe when he is older he will appreciate it and the Rides will be some of his favorite memories, much like the memories I have of my dad. My son has a dirt bike, so when he isn’t driving or as we like to say when he is riding “bitch” he gets a little bored. 

We set out at mid morning from Wish Ranch Grudge in Placerville CA. The weather was sunny and 78 degrees, and we were wearing light weight leathers. When we reached the summit with snow still on the ground and Silver Lake frozen over we all needed to add a layer or two.


2014 164

As we continued up the hill on HWY 88, a group of about eight riders on street bikes came up on us from behind. They were obviously skilled riders, but pretty uncool..

Instead of waiting a nano second for our group to line up to the right of the lane for them to pass safely, they passed to the right, to the left, through the middle, over the double yellow on a blind turn, barely missing my husband in a rear end. I was very thankful they didn’t have a head on and ricochet into our lead bike (My husband and son).  

We hung a right on HWY 89, our goal was to make it to Lee Vining, CA before sun set and before the thunder bumpers opened up on us. We arrived at Lee Vining early evening, and the temperatures were dropping fast. We were cold, hungry, thirsty, and tired.    All the makings for a great ride through the El Dorado Forrest. 

We were staying at the Lake View Lodge, which is very reasonable at $ 85.00 for two queens. It was dated, with a lumpy bed, but very clean. As soon as we were checked in, we all marched two doors down to the local favorite “Nicely’s” for food and drink. 

Nicely’s is a perfect match for hungry riders, the portions are huge and extremely yummy. Next to my Mama’s fried chicken, it was the best fried chicken I have ever had. The adult pop’s were ice cold and the service was fast, fun and friendly. In fact, when we all rolled out of there, stuffed to the gill, we all wanted to go back for breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed south, looking forward to the whole purpose of heading south, “The Los Angeles Crest Highway”.  Our plan was to ride to the most southern end of HWY 2, The Los Angeles Crest Highway, rest up for the night to be fresh for the twisties.  

Our accommodations were improving as we went, we arrived at the Best Western located at the Cajon Pass early evening. It really isn’t a town, its more of an exit on I 15 and HWY 138. The only thing there was a couple gas stations (one had a Taco Bell) and the Best Western. We were all too tired to get back on the bikes to travel the ten miles or so to a real restaurant. The good news, the gas stations had beer! After our Taco Bell dinner we ambled back to the motel with six packs under our arms and proceeded to get a little toasty. Which means, I had three beers. What can I say, I’m a cheap date.

The next morning we  were all the buzz, excited to finally to be getting to HWY 2, and it was worth the wait. I haven’t been in this neck of the woods since my fourth birthday party, back when dirt was still young.


                                      2014 198

                2014 191                                                       2014 203

2014 202

The views are breath taking and the twisties are equally challenging and fun. Coming from the south end of the highway was also beneficial as most of the traffic from other riders were coming from the north.  As we were riding, we came around a bend in the road to a wide spot, with a loan cafe and couldn’t believe what we saw. There must have been three hundred bikes of all makes and models at this little cafe. 


Unfortunately, the fifty something miles of exhilarating, fun twisties of The Los Angeles Crest Highway came to an end much too fast.  The highway dumps you out at the 210 just north east of Los Angeles.

2014 1902014 186




2014 175

Our next stop is Paso Robles, we headed north on HWY 101, stopping in Thousands Oaks at the Yard House for lunch. 

When we arrived in Paso Robles, I had some major concerns about the motel, but it was a happy surprise. The room didn’t cost  much more then our first two nights, but were the nicest rooms by far. I highly recommend the Adelaide Inn. It has absolutely beautiful grounds and the rooms are newly renovated. 

The last day of the ride was Easter Sunday. We headed east from Paso Robles on Hwy 41, we wanted to get to HWY 49 to finish the large loop of the ride. We were riding through my home town, Mariposa, CA.  I grew up riding these roads with my dad.

We all know these roads and we all love riding these roads. California has some of the best Rides in the world.

2014 206                                                   2014 210

map 001


To be Continued

Bells Rides



Wish Ranch Grudge

I am happy to announce the empty space where Scarlet resided has been fiilled, with a 2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide, Purple with Flames.547493548655078

Last week I was trying to come up with a name for her, even before we picked her up from our friends house. I was originally thinking Violet or Purple Hooter, but it seemed to missing something special.  My husband and I were having dinner with Sissy and her husband Kenny Kenny (yes, the repeat of his name was on purpose, his nick name from Monsters Inc.) We had talked about it briefly, but nothing came out of the discussion. I was pooped from going out (hoping my stamina will improve soon) so I hit the hay as soon as my husband’s chariot delivered me home. Riding bitch was more tiring then I expected, even if its like sitting in a barker lounger.


The next morning, I woke up to a text from Sissy, in her infament wisdom, she came up with “Jewel”. I love it, it’s perfect! Why is this name so perfect? To me it has duel meaning,

First, the purple on this 2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide is a deep royal purple. Similar to a piece of jewelry. Second, my mama’s name is Jewel, named after a ring my grandpa found. Sissy then had to really make it special by saying, “I was thinking with it being mama’s name sake, she would watch over you”. Of coarse, this made me cry and I realized I must have scared Sissy a great deal when I had my accident.

Saturday night was the big night. My husband and I met our friends (John and Cathy) at their house to pick her up. I think there is something seriously wrong when someone else is driving your new bike before you. What can a girl do, still mending and hubby insisted. I hate when he is right, by the time we got Jewel home I was thrashed and I was driving the cowboy Cadillac. One beer, resting in the Grudge and off to bed to re-coop. 


Sunday morning I was rested and ready to do my second favorite thing to do involving motorcycles. I love to tinker on my bike or just hang out in the Grudge (Grudge, comes from a red neck joke, which is politically incorrect so we will not be sharing that one). I washed and waxed Jewel and then installed my docking kit I salvaged from Scarlet. I was pooped again, So I enjoyed a beer, resting while my husband washed his bike.

photo 2-2photo 1-2


After resting, my husband took me for a spin on my bike. I have to say riding bitch on this bike is no where near as comfortable as being packed on my husband’s 2012 Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra.  My goal for the ride destination was to go to Sissy’ s to show them my new ride. As per usual I bit off more then I can chew. I couldn’t believe the position I put myself in, It was a combination of ecstasy and pain, I love to ride but I was in a lot of pain.. At the time I thought I was a knuckle head but after I was rested I was thrilled for getting to ride her even if it was bitch.

I won’t be able to ride her for another month or so, but I am happy to be able to tinker in the Grudge.

photo 3