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After a year and 8800 miles in the saddle of the inexpensive TCMT motorcycle seat, I can give you an honest review.

“TCMT Motorcylce Seat Review”

GEM before the new look with the TCMT motorcycle seat

To do this review, I should start at the beginning. Over a year ago, I started giving my 2018 Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra (GEM) a new look. Prior to this, I installed new ProBeam LED front turn signals, by Custom Dynamics Bells Rides MC Gear

I liked the product so much from this mod I knew I wanted to use Custom Dynamics for the “new look” build. For the next phase of the build, I planned on removing the tour pack, which meant I wouldn’t have as much lighting on the back of my bike. So, I started the project by installing the Custom Dynamics LED Fillerz As with the ProBeam turn signals, the LED Fillerz were extremely easy to install and was plug and play. Unlike some of the aftermarket LED products, Custom Dynamics products, you won’t have to reprogram your bike ECM (mostly with older bikes). Custom Dynamics is truly a plug-and-play application.

Next, I focused my attention on the tour pack and removing it. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to remove it entirely or use it occasionally. So at first, I contemplated installing a quick connect to the tour pack for easily reinstalling, but I knew we were preparing to go full time in our RV and I had to consider storage. Ultimately, it wasn’t worth the money or the hassle to find a safe location in our motorcycle trailer. Deciding to store it with the rest of our possessions, I wrapped it in blankets and boxed it up to move to the storage unit in Sturgis, SD.

Because I was removing the tour pack for the new look, it meant I had to address a few things. For instance, on the stock Road Glide Ultra, the license plate and the radio antenna are attached to the tour pack. Custom Dynamics sponsored this portion of the build by sending me the ProBeam LED low profile taillight and the license plate relocation kit.

(I went to the local Harley Davidson for the antenna relocation kit and the chrome Kuryakyn antenna).

The Review

Another thing I need to address after removing the tour pack was the seat. On the stock Road Glide Ultra, the stock seat is a large bulky seat that has the nickname of the “Geezer Glide Seat”. Aesthetically, it looked fine with the tour pack was on, but without the tour pack it stuck out like a sore thumb. At last, the Cheap Motorcycle Seat.

(Product description: This series seat is specially designed for street glide style. It can also install on Electra Glide, but we recommend you to buy the right one that will look much better on your bike. If you have questions, please contact us.
Material: Synthetic Leather+Foam+Iron+PP Plastic
Easy installation
The Bucket Seat features an integrated suspension system that protects the rider and passenger’s tailbone from harsh road impact.)

After a year and 8800 miles in the saddle, I feel confident I can give you the “Cheap Motorcycle Seat Review”. I couldn’t be happier. I paid a mere $230.00, and I honestly wasn’t expecting it to wear as well as it has. And it still looks new and feels the same as it did when I purchased it. Because the foam padding hasn’t broken down, nor has the integrated suspension system. And the synthetic leather (also known as vinyl) hasn’t faded, cracked, or torn. And the stitching is still the same vibrate blue color and has not frayed or torn.
Cheap Motorcycle Seat by TCMT

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