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There are a wide range of riders out there with a wide range of protective gear. Some ride with a helmet, a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Some ride with full leathers. Some ride with with some type of combination leather, gore-tex and carbon fiber.

Personally, I have been guilty of riding in a bathing suit, flying over highway 17 on my way to Santa Cruz. Back when the wheel was first invented and I was much younger and a whole lot dumber. So no judging!  Just passing on some experience I have gained from my dumb ass life. 

When skin comes into contact with asphalt, the skin is like soft cheese to a cheese grater. Your skin will loose that battle every single time. 

The problem I have with protecting my skin, is I’m a California girl and our warm season is pretty long with temperatures near and often times over 100 degrees. I just want to strip down to a tank and jeans. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of options on the market, here are a few to consider.


Women’s long sleeve, cut to be more attractive and a better fit with Armor by Speed and Strength. B01N79QQF7

The cost is pretty affordable at just under $70.00 to around $140.00.  To protect your skin on the lower half is just as important.  Some folks think wearing jeans will do the trick and if you are lucky they might, but most cases the jeans won’t stand up to the cheese grater either. 

B071RB3X86Also, by Speed and Strength.

By Maxlar Jean


For more of the Sport Touring women out there.

B00QG8NM2IBy Scorpion EXO                                                                  There are so many options now for protecting your skin but we cant forget about protecting your noggin.

The Shoei is an exceptional helmet with not just the obvious cranium protection but also the long term protection, something most people take for granted. Your EAR’S!  Take it from someone who wear’s hearing aids in both ears due to countless years of abuse.  The Shoei is one of the quietest helmets on the market.

I often see riders who I personally know or simply watch on my favorite YouTube Channels forgetting to protect their digits (No, I’m not talking about their phone numbers) I’m talking about their hands. I use my hands for work to make a living, so I include them when I’m gearing up to ride.


Last but not least, is your feet and ankles. When riding a good pair of riding shoes is an absolute must. I prefer boots but there are tennis shoes available as well. I like the thick sole and heat resistant of motorcycle boots. To help with a number of things while riding but having a sure foot when coming to a stop and planting your foot is at the top of the list for me. The heat resistant soles are also helpful so not to melt on your pipes leaving a big mess to clean up. 



I hope these options are helpful to you in protecting you on your adventures.

Enjoy the Ride



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