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I recently took on the task of updating my website. I have just enough tech experience/knowledge to be dangerous but I’m dogged enough to eventually get the job done.

It’s been awhile since I last worked on it and basically had to relearn how to build a website. Usually, if I don’t know how to do something like this I turn to YouTube. I will watch a ton of videos but this time I just felt like figuring it out on my own. After I changed each section I would run a test to see how it functioned and to see what the overall appearance looked like.

During this process of setting up my website in its current state I found out something about myself I didn’t realize. I really enjoy this type of work. Granted, a lot of it was a plug and play set up with WordPress widgets and plugins. While working on this project I had so much fun I decided to continually tweak it, add to it or simply update the appearance as I learn more.

I know some of you have built your own website and some of you have hired someone to do the heavy lifting. Either way, I find it extremely important to have an easy to use website for your visitors or they will just move onto another site.

I hope you visit the website, let me know what you think and until next time.

Enjoy the Ride


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