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I love my job, the company I work for is a great company. They provide me with excellent equipment to do my job.

I have a new truck which is assigned solely to me ( a requirement for me, this girl doesn’t slip seat or team). The wages are generous along with excellent benefits.

I’m not special or anything all the company drivers make the same per mile, it just so happens I have the second longest route. I used to have the longest route but with seniority I was able to lock in my current route to Calgary. The Calgary run has the perfect amount of miles and delivery stops. It allows me to earn a nice paycheck and at the same time the ability to complete it in four and half to five days. Not to mention I get paid to drive through some of the prettiest country side.

With all this being said, “the job” or “the company” is not Why Monday’s Suck.

Monday’s I leave my boys and my home, This is Why Monday’s Suck.

If you have been watching my Vlogs on YouTube or Reading my Blogs, you will notice I’m a pretty happy person. Some would say I’m bubbly and outgoing. Feisty with a little smart ass but mostly all in fun. It isn’t a front, it’s; what you see is what you get.


Monday’s are a different story, I am somewhat withdrawn and a little blue.

You see, I really like my husband, obviously I love him but I really like him too. I love talking to him about anything and everything but we are perfectly comfortable with just hanging in silence, simply being near each other.

Having fun and laughter is a big part of our days, I provide a lot of material for him to turn into some joke or teasing me as I’m somewhat of a dork. One of the things I like about him is his quick wit and at times dry sense of humor.

The other boy in my life is my son. Although, there are times I feel like strangling him (because after all he is a teenager and believes he is the smartest human on the planet) he is the single best thing I have ever done in my entire life.

One of the things about this job, being gone during the week, I appreciate going to all the games and tournaments every weekend when other parents are burned out. Most of the time I feel like I’m missing him growing up into a man. To combat these feelings I am fortunate to have a husband who communicates often and well with what is going on in the day to day.

Never the less on Monday I get in a funk. Then miraculously I pull my big girl panties up, shake it off and do my job. My determination of staying on task, getting to my destination and getting home as quickly as possible is how I survive. Of course along with hearing my husbands voice on the other end of the cellphone helps as well. As soon as my phone rings and my husbands name and face pops up on the screen I instantly have a smile on my face.

I thank God for my family and for this opportunity to help provide for our family unit.

Thank you Andy and AJ for giving me the support and love I need in order to do this job. Without it I would not survive….

The End

Enjoy the Ride


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