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Many of my friends who have traditional careers have asked me ” What do you do about showers and staying clean while driving a big rig?”

The simple answer is I shower at truck stops, a.k.a Trucker Spa’s.

However, not all truck stops are treated equally. Sometimes the truck stops don’t quite measure up to my “Trucker Spa” standard. When this is the case I rather freshen up in my truck. There are a lot of products on the market to help with this task. I have naturally curly hair but sometimes I blow it out straight. When I do I use a dry shampoo to freshen my hair

When I’m rocking the curl, I use a spray bottle with water to get my hair completely wet then apply a small amount of light weight leave in conditioner, scrunch it up let it air dry and it’s a curly mess. To wash my face I first use Neutrogena facial wipes I then use Huggies baby wipes I’m using these specific brands as over the years I have found these are the best quality. The facial wipe by Neutrogena removes the most stubborn makeup without leaving your face a grease slick. The Huggies baby wipes cleans your body without leaving little lint balls all over you.

I have also been asked by my friends, what do you do about a toilet? Do you pee on the side of the road? NO!!! I’m not hanging it all out there on the side of the road. I’m fortunate enough to be a solo driver (a requirement for me, no slip seat, no team driving)

One of the first things I do when I get a truck, I remove the passenger seat. This is where I keep a Porta Potty. I use the same potty chemicals as we do in our RV to eliminate any odors. Most male counterparts us a bottle of some kind, which is perfectly fine if they dispose of them properly but unfortunately a lot of truckers don’t.

For female truckers who aren’t as fortunate as I am to either be solo or to be able to remove the passenger to make room for a Porta Potty, they will use products like the Travel Jane It’s a disposable female urinal.

This topic was recently brought up on one of my favorite channels I watch on YouTube “Story Moto ADV”

Story Moto shared 5 excellent hacks to use while motorcycle camping. I shared Travel Jane for his female motorcycle/adventure subscribers.

This method of staying clean and fresh between showers can be used while traveling by any means, motorcycle, big rig or RV.

Enjoy the Ride


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