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I remember when the helmet law came into effect in California. Effective January 1, 1992, VC Section 27803, it is mandatory for any rider or passenger of a motorcycle to wear a DOT approved helmet.


My dad was up in arms, he said “It’s bullshit the Government forcing him to wear a helmet”. He went on and on about big brother.  I’m not sure exactly why he was up in arms, we always wore helmets.

We thought we were all that and a bag of chips with our matching Bell helmets with the bubble style visor.

I drive a commercial rig for a living. One of my routes to Alberta Canada takes me through Idaho. Idaho apparently doesn’t have a helmet law. Every time I see a rider with out a helmet, I just cringe.
When I had my accident, I was only going about 20 mph at the beginning of the accident. By the time I slowed the bike down by shifting down and braking, I probably was going around 5 to 10 mph when I was ejected over the handlebars.

I can only say by the evidence on my helmet, my head hit pretty hard though I didn’t feel the impact. There is a flat spot and scratches on the side and back of the helmet. I can only imagine what my head would have looked like if I wasn’t wearing a helmet.

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Therefore, when I see riders at highway speeds without helmets, I just cringe!


The new helmet I wear is a shiny new HD helmet with flames to match my bike.  I considered going to one the more expensive helmets from Schuberth  or Shoei, but as a test dummy I was greatly satisfied with the performance of my Harley Davidson helmet.

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