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Most of my adult life I have been self-employed as a General Engineering Contractor. Three and a half years ago after the housing market crash I began driving a truck Long Haul. I have worked my way up in seniority and for the last year have had a dedicated run to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
With the exception of missing my family, my husband and son, I love my job.
There are several reasons why I love my job. One is it’s similar to being self-employed. When I leave the yard in Woodland, CA, I am on my own. I don’t have a manager who micromanages my every move. But I think the main reasons why I love my job, is I get a taste of the nomadic life and the view out my windshield. I drive an average of 3500 miles a week, through all types of road and weather conditions but the view is always fabulous.






I’m not the typical truck driver, I don’t like parking at truck stops. In my opinion, truck stops are for fuel and showers and for the most part, that is it.

I have been boondocking for the better part of three and a half years in a 75 foot truck and trailer.

Prior to my dedicated run I basically went wherever my company needed me to go in the 11 western States and two western providence of Canada.

Most truck drivers at the end of their shift will park at a truck stop stacked in like cord wood. Over the last three and a half years I have been very successful Boondocking my 75 foot truck and trailer.


With a dedicated run, you get to know the variations of the route you can take depending on the weather. In doing so I have found some favorite Boondocking locations. One is on the Missouri River near Craig, Montana. Then there is Craters of the Moon in Idaho and overlooking the Snake River in Twin Falls, Idaho.



During this time I have also located several dump facilities along I-80 in the state of Nevada. All of them are free with great access for all types and sizes of rigs. My favorite dump facility (if you can have a favorite dump facility) is at the Cosgrave, Nevada rest area at Exit 158. 
When I’m not boondocking at a Scenic pull out, I often stay at rest areas. Most of the rest areas along I-15 in Montana have individual restrooms and some like the the rest area in Conrad, Montana have free Wi-fi.

All of the rest areas in Montana are beautifully manicured and are park-like settings very similar to state parks.

I view this job as a researcher/ adventurer stepping stone for when I am a full-time nomadic traveling the US by RV hauling our bikes with my husband when we retire.

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