Motorcycle and RV Travel and Adventure

My engine is rev’d with a large cup of coffee, watching the sun rise, the air crisp with a promise of a warm sunny day. Gearing up in layers to Ride a couple hundred miles on a back country road. At times singing at the top of my lungs to my favorite tunes. Sometimes enjoying the sounds inside my helmet and always enjoying the conversation with my husband via Scala.


Is it the vibration of the engine a few inches below your ass? Is it the push/pull of the handlebars? Is it the sweet spot of the lean on a twisty road? Is it the sound of your pipes when you blip the throttle? Is it the Potato Potato Potato of a Harley or the Rrrrap of a Ninja or the Purrrrr of a Ducati? Is it the wind in your face? Is it you controlling the power or letting go of the power? Is it the sexy on two wheels? Is it the chrome? Is it the twist of your grip? Is it you, the machine and the road? Is it the adventure? Is it what’s behind you in your mirrors? Is it freedom? Is it the lifestyle? Is it the soul cleansing? Is it the challenge? Is it the bugs in your teeth? Is it the brotherhood? Is it the community? Is it the history? Is it the family? Is it the tradition? Is it the love?

The Short Answer


Enjoy the Ride


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