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Unconditional Love and No Thumbs

I have a theory why God made our dogs, aka fur babies with the ability to love their humans unconditionally and why they have no thumbs.

This theory started as a joke with my very own fur baby, “The Famous Roo”.

In telling you this story I am pretty much going to rat myself out as being a crazy pet owner but I’m okay it that title.

You see, I talk for my Roo, yes you read it correctly, I talk for The Roo.

Roo will be sitting in front of me, with her shiny bright eyes just staring a hole through me. I’ll ask her what she wants and she will lick her chops in a very exaggerated manner. As if she thinks I’m not smart enough for subtle hints.

Then in the Roo voice I will say “Mommy, may I have pleeease have a biscuit, I would get myself but I don’t have thumbs”. Then I say in my voice “Ok I’ll get you a treat” and she runs over to counter where her cookie jar is sitting.

Today I have been thinking a lot about my theory of why God made dogs with the instinctual ability to love their humans completely unconditional and why God also made them without thumbs.

It’s simple really, it’s dependence. Our fur babies depend on us to use our thumbs to open the door when they need to go out to potty or to get their favorite treat from the cookie jar. Humans are dependent on the unconditional love, we need it.

We need each other.

Monday’s are usually hard, they pretty much suck ass and I’m kind of in a funk most of the day. I leave for my run on Monday’s, and today was especially difficult.

Up until about four months ago The Roo came with me but she started crying when she jumped down from my truck. I thought she was getting too old and the jumping was hurting her joints. Then she really started gaining weight, so we cut back on the treats and put her on weight management food.

The Roo is a very quiet dog but I could tell she just wasn’t feeling good. Last week my husband took The Roo to the Vet, they checked her out thoroughly, blood test, X-ray and a minimum ultrasound of her heart. The next day the doctor called with her blood test results and said she really needs to have a full ultrasound done as her liver levels were elevated.

Of course I’m worried and thinking the worse.

I’ve been trying to remember every detail of her from the day I picked her out at breeders farm (She actually picked me when she waddled over to me with her belly barely off the ground full of milk) when she was five weeks old. Putting a little collar made of pink yarn on her to show she was my forever puppy. Then anxiously waiting three more weeks before I could bring her home. On the drive home with her I was trying to come up with the perfect name. I knew I wanted a name affiliated with Law Enforcement and my sister sitting in the passenger seat holding my baby says “How about Rookie?” I was so excited, it was the perfect name for my perfect girl.

I never had a forever puppy before and I read somewhere the best way to bond with your puppy is to sleep with them and cuddle them close to your heart. The first week I brought her home I slept on the couch with her snuggled around my neck. It really worked, she loves my husband and son but she knows I’m her human mommy.

I want to remember how she greets me every time I get home from my run. Her little butt wiggling and her ears turned out and her little face smiling and with total love in her eyes. She hugs me with her whole body wrapping around my legs.

I never want to forget it and am so afraid each time I say goodbye to leave for my run will be the last time I get to see her.

My heart is broken, its broken she is sick, it’s broken she is uncomfortable, it is broken of the loss even before the loss has happened.

Roo has been diagnosed with Cushings disease. The form of Cushings she has is in the Pituitary gland at the base of her brain as is non-operable.

The plan is the keep her as comfortable as humanly possible but not to treat the Cushings disease itself.

Unfortunately, the medications for treatment has severe and life threatening side affects and doesn’t prolong life expectancy.

However, there are other medications to improve quality of life I will be giving her. Such as thyroid medication, arthritis medication are the long term treatments and antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication is a short term treatment.

I cherish every moment I have left with her.

Unconditional Love goes both ways.

Until next time

Enjoy the Ride


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