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My story of my visit to the local Indian Shop “C &E Auburn”  (Indian’s) needs to be revised. After I shared the story with Emma (the E of C & E Auburn).  Emma corrected a piece of information I had got from a trusted source, who is a long time member of the motorcycle industry. I apologize to C & E Auburn and to you for printing incorrect information.

You probably are wondering “What’s The Big Deal?” You may be right, it might not be a big deal, but this is how rumors continue to circulate.

So, out of respect of some really cool people, I am correcting what I wrote. I had written “Harley Davidson had pulled the dealership”.  Basically, the correction is their Harley Davidson Shop simply burned to the ground. With the great attitude Emma has, she has said to me in an email  “In hind site it was a blessing” , The Indian Motorcycle, The styling, The performance, The entire bike is a Functional piece of art”.  

Again, you may think what’s the big deal?  To me, if it’s just me telling my story of a ride and my experience or impression of the ride, that is one thing, Its my opinion, nothing more. Information which stated as a fact which turned out to be incorrect is another story all together, and I apologize..    

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