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My sister and I are six years apart and I am the baby of four, two boys and two girls.

  Growing up I wanted to tag along with my cool older sister and Mama “MADE” her take me along with her. She resented the hell out of me for it and we fought like cats and dogs. Usually our fights were about SPACE, the space she so desperately needed with her own friends or the space we shared, our bedroom. I’m bit of a OCD Neat Freak and Sissy not so much.

  On one occasion our fight got particularly dangerous. I was about nine years old and Sissy was about fifteen. We lived in a old farm house with swinging doors that led into the kitchen. She was quite a bit bigger than me and made me do her dishes while Mama and Daddy were in town running errands. They were driving up the drive and Sissy popped her head in the kitchen and yelled I’d better hurry Mom and Dad was home. I happened to be washing a giant butcher knife and I spun around threw it at her. Luckily for both of us she shut the swinging door in a nick of time and the knife stuck into the door at forehead level. She slowly opened the door with saucer sized eyes and I was looking at her the same way with relief she wasn’t hurt. After that I never had to do her dishes again and we never really fought again. In fact we became more like friends. She invited me on dates with her boyfriend, (now husband) to the movies or to the roller rink.

  The August before I turned thirteen I was Sissy’s flower girl when she married her high school sweetheart and moved away. At first I was thrilled to have my own bedroom, I could actually keep it clean. This was severely short lived, I missed her so much it hurt. Each summer I would spend about a month at there house in the Bay Area.

Sissy is the best, best friend, I could ever ask for, she has been there for everything I have ever been through good or bad. Without judging and always unconditional have bailed me out of some dumb ass things I got myself into on more then one occasion.

  A few months ago Sissy was diagnosed with breast cancer. While talking to her I kept a brave front all the while I was scared to death.

  Sissy handled this as she has handled everything, HEAD ON. Taking no bullshit attitude and kicking cancers ass. I thank God every day she is in remission, I just couldn’t imagine life on this earth without her.  

Thank you Sissy, I cherish your unconditional love, I love you..

Until next time

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