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Feel the Ride

Excuse 319 to ride: Honey, we’re down to three gallons of milk, let’s ride to the store…

When I climb on my bike with almost a thousand pounds of steel under my ass rumbling me down the road to adventure, I’m truly free and alive.

The adventure is of what is around the next corner, how far can I lean this Flaming Purple bike affectionately named Jewel. Grinding a little metal off the foot board supports and possibly a few fractured speed limits here and there along the way of the adventure. Shifting down not touching the brakes and rolling the throttle out the other side of the corner.

Feeling the power of the 103 engine and hearing the throaty true dual pipes vibrate my… umm chest, yeah! my chest. There isn’t anything like roaring down the road with a big o’smile on your face.

Dropping a gear on a straight away to pass a car before the next set of twisties. Seeing how far up my husbands tailpipes I can get, creating rhythmic dance. He leans into the corner one way then out the other way, me slightly behind following suit. Both bikes back and forth, back and forth, pushing the limits of two giant bikes.

Rolling up to a light, flipping my visor up to blow a kiss to my baby before the light turns green.

Green light, popping the front off the line, shifting through six gears burying the tack just shy of the red line. Possibly fractured a few more limits but hey had to blow out the carbon, right??

Back at the ranch we clean and shine Blue and Jewel before putting them away until excuse 320.

Awe damn we forgot the milk..

Until next time

Enjoy the Ride


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