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Anyone who knows me or happens to follow me in some form of social media, knows I love BEER.

I will be the first to admit I’m a little bit of a BEER snob, not that I won’t drink mass produced BEER it just needs to be of quality. That being said, there is a time and place for nostalgic BEER drinking with some PBR. This is where I should apologize for my next statement but I’m just not sorry. Bud, Bud light, Coors, Coors light just doesn’t fall into the category of “Quality”. Any of those BEERS are fine for Red BEERS, AKA Bloody BEERS but that’s about it. That’s the extent of my BEER Snobbiness (Yes, it’s a real word you can look it up in President Bush’s dictionary).

I personally have a broad palate and enjoy BEERS across the board, to name a few I like a crisp Lager, a fruity Radler, caramel or brown sugar Brown and Amber Ale, a heavy Stout, a chocolate/coffee Porter and a pungent IPA.

Some BEER drinkers have an incredible sensitive sense of smell and they simply can’t get pass the smell of a IPA to enjoy the flavor. I have heard IPA described as smelling like “Cat Pee” and to be perfectly honest with some IPA’s I have used the term as well.

One of my favorite forms of entertainment is to find a great tap house or brewery, have a couple incredible BEERS and people watch.

There is a cool brewery in Lodi, CA called Idol Beer Works. On one our visits I met the BEER maker, super cool dude. They have a BEER called “Training Wheels”. Don’t let the name fool you, it isn’t for the newbie BEER drinker who is on the fence if they like BEER or not. When I asked about the BEER name he told me it was named “Training Wheels” because of the low alcohol content. He also said it was the most difficult BEER on the menu to make because the alcohol content of 4.3 %. He explained to get the flavor he wanted to achieve he had to use a lot of sugar, the more sugar the more fermentation the higher the alcohol content. 4.3% alcohol content is relatively low for the amount of sugar in it. The flavor is what got me, it has subtle hints of banana, gloves and orange. This is a good time to add a disclaimer.


Here is my take on drinking BEER as a Ketonian, I live a Keto lifestyle 99% of the time, I can drink Beer 1% of the time.


“BEER is proof God loves us”

Benjamin Franklin


Until next time

Enjoy the Ride


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