Scarlets Last Ride

Scarlets Last Ride

After a very, very bad week at work, I wasn’t so sure if we should go away for the weekend. I wasn’t convinced I would be any fun to be around. It was too late to cancel the reservations, so I decided to buck up and go. Our reservation were at The Tiburon Lodge in a small town named Tiburon in the San Francisco Bay Area. My husband and I call The Tiburon Lodge “Our Place” after we happened upon it on one of our road trips and fell in love with it.

We had planned on getting to the lodge, check in and then catch the ferry into San Francisco for fleet week celebration to watch the air show. We decided to take the back way into Tiburon. The road is a beautiful winding road, that winds along the bay through a quiet neighborhood. Its also a favorite for many bicyclist too. My husband and I have the ScalaRider to be able to communicate with each other and we had just said to each other we really need to take it easy and share the road. Then the road became very bumpy, rutted, full of pot holes and really crappy patch jobs. At some point my husband had said the speed limit is posted at 25 mph and he was ok with going at that speed. I was being so jostled from all the pot holes, cracks, and patches, I was down to 15 mph.

We were about ten minutes from the lodge, going into a left hand turn with a slight down hill grade. In the middle of the turn, just in side the shade was a huge bump. Actually it was’t just a bump, it was a patch job from hell that had about a three to four inch rise to it. My husband was in the lead when he hit the bump and his back wheel lurched him up and forward.  Before he had a chance to warn me I was going through the turn. Unfortunately, I had an inch less clearance on my bike and when I was in the lean of the turn, my foot board hit the bump in the road (the sound of the metal hitting the bump was awful).  I was immediately launched so violently both hands came off the handlebar. I was able to grab the handlebar just as my bike was heading off the road, just before I hit the embankment really hard. As I was trying to slow it down by shifting down, traveling along the embankment in the v-ditch, I bounced off the embankment a couple more times. The front wheel suddenly hit soft dirt, the bike abruptly stopped and the handlebars were ripped from my hands once again as I flew over the handlebars.

The ScalaRider is great but my poor husband heard everything as it was happening. From “Whoa, Whoa, Oh Shit”, then to full blown screaming in pain. My husband got his bike under control and parked, all the while controlling his temptation to just drop the bike, so he could get back to me. He later told me it was the most helpless feeling to hear all that was going on and seeing me first in his left mirror launching into the air and then in the right mirror bouncing off the embankment with all the dirt flying up. He also said he was fully preparing  himself to grab me by my jacket and drag me out of the middle of the road, broken leg or not.

Luckily, he didn’t have to do that, as he was running back to me a vehicle approached from the opposite direction, the driver asked my husband if we needed help. My husband said yes to call 911, he immediately did a u-turn and blocked where I was laying with his vehicle and simultaneously telling his wife to call 911. Another person who arrived on scene before the ambulance was a lady who was Riki Faith Healer. I don’t even know if I believe in that stuff, but when I looked at her she had this glow about her. She softly touched my face and I instantly became calm.  Which was useful, as I was able to look over to my left and see my beautiful bike all crunched up.

The first responders were awesome, Sloan was the paramedic who was taking care of me. Sloan was a no nonsense kind of guy with a sweet demeanor. I ended up at Marin General Hospital. As with most people I hate hospitals, every time I go to a hospital I end up getting sick.

I was x-rayed every way from sunday and all came back clear. I was thrilled, I started bugging every one to release me and at this point my poor husband hadn’t even made to the hospital yet. He had his hands full dealing with the accident report with the CHP and arranging a tow with Motorcycle Transport During my nagging and bugging the ER Nurse “Christine”  (the best ER Nurse ever) touched me on the hip and I screamed out loud in excruciating pain, which then caused me to hurt my ribs. Christine immediately let the Doc know and they ordered a CT Scan.

The CT Scan revealed that I had three broken ribs and possible fractured hip. I also had air bubbles in my chest where there isn’t supposed to be air bubbles. When Dr. Julie gave me the results of the CT Scan, I was still on the kick I was going to be released. I was whining about having to stay the night and Dr. Julie gently took my face in her hands and said ” Oh honey, its going to be more like three nights”.  I couldn’t even get bitchy to that, she totally took the wind out of my sails. Not only is she an awesome Doc, but she also is a fellow rider.

After almost ten hours in the ER, I was admitted to the orthopedic surgery floor. At midnight it was about sixteen hours since we had anything to eat or drink. My husband is a diabetic, so I was really worried for him. I finally talked my husband into leaving so he could get to The Lodge in hopes he could get himself something to eat.

Just when I thought no other nurse could be as good as Christine from ER, I met Gen. Early in the morning, around 4:30 am I scared the day lights out of Gen, when she was taking my vitals my blood pressure had dropped to 78/41. Doc advised to keep a close watch, so they continued to wake me up every hour on the hour. For the first time in my life I didn’t mind being in the hospital. The care I received was above and beyond.

I was released on Monday into the care of nurse Andy, I was exhausted just from the drive home. 

On Tuesday I talked Andy into loading my bike up to take it to Folsom Harley Davidson. I then had to do a lot of talking to get him to let me go with him. When we got to Folsom Harley, I felt like an OLD LADY getting around with my walker, but was happy to get Scarlet to the shop. The folks at Folsom Harley are like family, they were all asking what happened and if I was okay. Poor Steve almost passed out when he saw the injuries I sustained to my back and hip. By the time I arrived back home I was a little sorry for badgering my husband into letting me go. The swelling and bruising had tripled and I have to admit, it kind of scared me. I was so weak it felt as if all the blood had been drained from my body.


The next few days were extremely difficult, on many different levels. I went to our family doc and i was running a low grade fever, I very weak. We got home just in time to get the call from Folsom Harley Collision Center. The estimate was in and it wasn’t good news. Along with the forks, the frame was bent in two places and the estimate was over $15,000.00 including a new frame.  I spent the next couple days fighting with my insurance company to repair Scarlet, they just weren’t going for it.

They deemed Scarlet as a total loss.             IMG_0787IMG_0785


Scarlets Last Ride, But NOT MINE!               IMG_0800

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